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Guiding a Revered Institution: Revamping the Tribunal of the Catholic Church in New Zealand

In the realm of ecclesiastical justice, we embarked on a significant project with the Tribunal office of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. Their mission was clear: they sought Bread's expertise to create a distinct brand identity for the Christchurch Tribunal of the Catholic Church in New Zealand.

The Tribunal of the Catholic Church serves as the official ecclesiastical court of the Church, abiding by the Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law, known as Church Law. Our task was to modernise their identity while upholding the dignity and authority of this institution.

Beyond a website, the Tribunal required a complete alignment of their collateral materials with their new identity. They also wanted to simplify the process for their clients, offering an easy-to-navigate platform for accessing essential documentation.

Our design approach was rooted in clarity and professionalism. We emphasised a clean and respectful aesthetic that would stand the test of time. Importantly, the design was kept neutral, allowing other national chapters to seamlessly direct their clients to the same portal.

Guided by these principles, we crafted a brand identity that harmonised with the Tribunal's values. We developed a user-friendly website that not only informs but also facilitates access to crucial resources. Our team meticulously updated their collateral, ensuring each document reflected their newfound identity. The application pack we designed became a tool for easy navigation, providing clients with a convenient hub for accessing necessary documentation.

Our partnership with the Tribunal of the Catholic Church for New Zealand was a journey of modernisation and unity. We are proud to have played a role in reimagining their path of service and justice.


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