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Client Case Study: Rebranding The Independent Pharmacy Group (The IPG)

We recently had the privilege of rebranding The Independent Pharmacy Group (The IPG), a collective dedicated to the owners and staff of independent pharmacies in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The IPG focuses on growing successful community pharmacy businesses by improving customer traffic, sales, and profits through consistently delivered and measured great service standards.

The Challenge: The IPG's existing branding was outdated and lacked the vibrancy needed to represent their well-established presence effectively. Their branding did not reflect the dynamic and progressive nature of their services, and it failed to make a strong impact. Our goal was to refresh their brand while maintaining the essence that their members and customers valued, ensuring it was modern, accessible, and reflective of their high service standards.

Understanding the Client: The first step was to understand who our client was and what they represented. We conducted an in-depth analysis of their website, marketing materials, and existing collateral to gain a comprehensive understanding of their identity. This involved looking at their mission, values, and the message they wanted to convey to their audience. By immersing ourselves in their world, we could ensure that the rebranding efforts would resonate with both their current and potential clients, aligning with their core principles and vision for the future.

Colour Palette: The existing bright green and white colour palette, although fresh, posed accessibility issues due to poor colour contrast scores. This affected readability and user experience, particularly on digital platforms. We aimed to retain the green palette but needed a more accessible alternative. Using colour theory and psychology, we identified a toned-down green that was more suitable and paired it with complementary colours to enhance the overall aesthetic. This new palette maintained the freshness and vibrancy of the original while ensuring it met accessibility standards, making the brand more inclusive and user-friendly.

Typeface Selection: Given the natural flow of the acronym "IPG," we opted for a rounded sans serif font. This font needed to be versatile, suitable across various mediums, and user-friendly for the client's future use. After careful consideration, we selected a typeface that embodied these qualities and matched the refreshed brand's tone. The chosen typeface combined professionalism with approachability, reflecting the balance between the group's established expertise and their friendly, community-focused approach.

Logo Design: Our initial explorations with industry symbols led us to focus on the "IPG" acronym as the primary logomark. We designed a distinctive "I" symbol to represent independence, with surrounding elements symbolising the group's supportive nature. This design allowed flexibility in using the logo across different contexts while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. The "I" stood tall and proud, encapsulating the spirit of independent pharmacies, while the surrounding elements highlighted the collective support of the group, creating a balanced and meaningful logo.

Brand Elements: With the logo established, we expanded the brand elements, finalising the typeface choices and colour palette, and sourcing appropriate icons and imagery to complement the new brand identity. We selected imagery that resonated with the values of the IPG, such as community interaction, customer care, and professional service. The icons were chosen for their clarity and relevance, ensuring they effectively communicated key concepts and services.

Brand Boards, Brand Guidelines, and Style Guides: To ensure the longevity and consistency of the new brand, we created comprehensive brand boards, brand guidelines, and style guides.

  • Brand Boards: These visual summaries showcase the core elements of the new brand, including the logo, colour palette and typefaces. They serve as a quick reference for understanding the overall look and feel of the brand. The brand boards provide a cohesive visual representation that helps in maintaining consistency across all marketing and communication materials.

  • Brand Guidelines: These detailed documents outline how to use the brand elements correctly. They include specifications for logo usage, colour codes, typography rules, and examples of correct and incorrect applications. These guidelines help maintain brand consistency across all materials and platforms. By adhering to these guidelines, the IPG can ensure that their branding remains strong and uniform, reinforcing their identity and values at every touchpoint.

  • Style Guides: These guides provide practical instructions for implementing the brand across various mediums. They cover aspects such as print materials, digital assets, social media, and advertising. The style guides ensure that anyone working with the brand, whether internal teams or external partners, can produce materials that align with the brand’s identity. They include templates, layouts, and design principles that help in creating cohesive and professional outputs, making it easier for the IPG to maintain their brand integrity over time.

By delivering these tools, we empowered The IPG to maintain their new brand identity consistently and effectively across all touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance.

Rebranding The Independent Pharmacy Group was a rewarding project that breathed new life into their established identity. By focusing on accessibility, versatility, and symbolic representation, we crafted a brand that truly reflects The IPG's mission and values, positioning them for continued success in the community pharmacy sector. This comprehensive rebranding effort not only refreshed their visual identity but also reinforced their commitment to exceptional service and community support, ensuring they remain a trusted and valued presence in the pharmacy industry.


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